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Piano Storytellers is a group piano class for children new to the piano. Children in Kindergarten, 1st, and 2nd grade can enter the program. Students attend one 40-minute class (3-4 students) every week.


The songs students learn each semester include original music as well as well-known and recognizable songs like "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star," "With a Little Help from My Friends," "Ode to Joy," "See You Again," etc. The songs are interwoven throughout a children's book as a soundtrack - hence enabling the student to be a pianist and a "musical storyteller." This approach makes learning and playing the piano all the more fun while allowing students to understand how music is used to express emotions and to help tell a story!

Through the use of games, solo and group playing, and active listening, children are introduced to proper technique, note-reading, theory, chords and scales, a variety of styles, and vocabulary. 


What else makes this program unique? Weekly, online practice videos! These videos act as a "practice pal" - it's like the teacher is sitting with the student at the piano, guiding them through the entire practice session. Because being a parent = being busy...all the time! And kids are busy too. It's hard for kids to fit in time to practice, or for parents to have the energy and time to encourage and help them practice. And yet, practice is essential to becoming a confident and proficient musician. 

These weekly practice videos were designed to help students practice more consistently and efficiently, to make life easier for students and parents, and to help students learn how to practice so one day they can be self-reliant. They are a fantastic resource for students and their families!


The program consists of 4 levels (A - D), and each level takes 1 semester to complete. However, registration is held on a semester-by-semester basis, so students do not need to commit to more than one semester at a time. Keep

in mind that each semester builds upon what was learned in previous semesters, and the curriculum was specifically designed to give children the opportunity to master beginner skills and be well-situated to begin private instruction.   

Semesters begin in early September and early February.

New students must start in Level A. Level A classes are currently only offered to children in Kindergarten - 2nd Grade, depending on the semester.


Want to learn more or have questions? Check out the FAQs!

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