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About the Teacher

Hello! My name is Jenni Kurosman, and I love teaching piano! I've taught piano for 10 years and received my Masters in Music Education from Teachers College-Columbia University. I am thrilled to bring Piano Storytellers to Bay Ridge! 


Like many of my Piano Storytellers students, I began learning the piano when I was in Kindergarten. However, unlike my students, my training was focused on competing and high-stakes performing. In this respect, I was "successful," winning competitions at the state, regional, and international levels and performing as a soloist with the Honolulu Symphony Orchestra at the age of eight and with the Ft. Meyers Symphony Orchestra at the age of fourteen.  


Boy was I burned out by the end of high school! But I loved music - and good stories - so I pursued a Bachelors in Film Scoring, which I received from Berklee College of Music. 

Drawing only from the best of my musical experiences and training, I created Piano Storytellers so kids can learn not just to play the piano, but of the joy in music making. It is exactly the way I wish I had been introduced to the piano!

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