Group Piano Lessons from Brooklyn, NY




Small class size

A super fun and creative way

for kids to learn the piano!

By learning to play fun and well-known songs to popular children's books, students develop a meaningful connection to the piano as their "soundtrack" brings the story to life!


Through the use of:

  • games

  • solo and group playing

  • active listening

  • home practice videos

Children learn:

  • to play well-known songs in a variety of styles

  • proper technique

  • note reading

  • practice strategies

  • chords and scales

  • theory

  • vocabulary

  • and so much more!

Piano Storytellers become budding pianists and musical storytellers!

"You have been so conscientious during all of this craziness. But more importantly, you are an amazing teacher. You really take so much care to make sure the kids are playing music that they enjoy, and they are still learning scales and reading. It is remarkable how much S. and P. have learned in such a short time and how much they enjoy music."


—  Tony, parent


Piano Storytellers is a four-level program (A - D), and each level takes 1 semester to complete. Students enter the program as a complete beginner, and by the time they leave, have been taught how to:

  • play all kinds of fun songs like "With a Little Help from My Friends," "Ode to Joy," "Ain't No Sunshine" and many others - with hands playing independently.

  • read music on a grand staff using intervals and landmark notes

  • play scales and chords in various keys

  • write and play their own songs



Students who transition to private lessons do so with a strong foundation to build upon, the enthusiasm to continue, and the confidence to do so. 

Now that classes are on Zoom, students attend one 40-minute "core" group class (3-4 students) plus one extra, optional 20-minute larger group class per week (included in the tuition.) Also included in tuition are weekly, high-quality practice videos that help students practice in between classes!

About Piano Storytellers

New students start in Level A. Level A classes are currently only offered to children in Kindergarten - 2nd Grade. 

Level A

Pre-requisite: none

Level A is for new students and introduces foundational theory, technique, and musicality. Students begin to identify notes on the treble clef staff and are introduced to reading music using intervals. Fun games energize the class and promote "playing to learn." Weekly online practice videos act as a one-on-one "practice pal" to help students practice songs at home. 

Level B

Pre-requisite: Level A

Level B reinforces concepts learned in Level A, with a continued focus on musicality and technique. Students develop more confidence playing hands together, enhance their aural skills, and gain a stronger sense of rhythm. New note values, vocabulary, and scales are introduced. Fun games energize the class and promote "playing to learn." Weekly online practice videos act as a one-on-one "practice pal" to help students practice songs at home.

Level C

Pre-requisite: Level B

Level C further develops students' reading skills on the treble clef staff using landmark notes and intervals. Songs require greater hand independency than in prior semesters. New scales, chords, and chord progressions are introduced, and students write their own song. Fun games energize the class and promote "playing to learn." Weekly online practice videos act as a one-on-one "practice pal" to help students practice songs at home. 

Level D

Pre-requisite: Level C

Level D continues to develop students' technique and playing ability with a stronger focus on reading on a grand staff. New note values, more challenging rhythms, and bass clef notes are introduced. Students play scales with hands together and develop a deeper understanding of tonality, harmony, and melody. Fun games energize the class and promote "playing to learn." Weekly online practice videos act as a one-on-one "practice pal" to help students practice songs at home.

FEBRUARY 7 - JUNE 24, 2021

Schedule subject to change.


Registration is held online here and ends February 26.


If a class is full, you can join the waitlist here.

Please join the Mailing List to receive notification of new class offerings or email info@pianostorytellers.com to inquire.



Tuition is $610 and includes:

  • 17 weekly, small group classes (40 minutes / 3-4 students) 

  • "Extra" optional, weekly, larger group classes (20 minutes)

  • Unlimited makeups

  • Lesson book and materials

  • Guided home-practice videos to use in between classes

Class full? Get on the waitlist!
Since classes are LIVE from Brooklyn, NY, all times listed are EST!
Level A
  • Kindergarten / 1st Grade: Wednesday 2:50-3:30 + "extra" class Sunday 7:05-7:25pm EST (1 spot left!)


  • Kindergarten / 1st Grade: Thursday 2:50-3:30 + "extra" class Sunday 7:05-7:25pm EST (class full)

  • Kindergarten / 1st Grade: Thursday 3:35-4:15 + "extra" class Sunday 7:05-7:25pm EST​ (class full)

  • 1st Grade / 2nd Grade: Wednesday 3:35-4:15 + "extra" class Sunday 7:05-7:25pm EST (2 spots left!)

Level B
  • ​Monday 2:50-3:30 + "extra" class Thursday 5:10-5:30 (class full)


  • ​Monday 5:55-6:35 + "extra" class Thursday 5:10-5:30 (class full)

  • ​Tuesday 2:50-3:30 + "extra" class Thursday 5:10-5:30 (class full)


  • ​Tuesday 5:55-6:35 + "extra" class Thursday 5:10-5:30 (class full)

Level C
  • ​Sunday 1:00-1:40 + "extra" class Thursday 5:35-5:55 (class full)

  • Sunday 1:45-2:25 + "extra" class Thursday 5:35-5:55 (class full)

  • Sunday 2:30-3:10 + "extra" class Thursday 5:35-5:55 (class full)

  • Monday 3:35-4:15 + "extra" class Thursday 5:35-5:55 (class full)

  • Monday 4:25-5:05 + "extra" class Thursday 5:35-5:55 (class full)


  • Monday 5:10-5:50 + "extra" class Thursday 5:35-5:55 (class full)

Level D
  • Tuesday 4:25-5:05 + "extra" class Thursday 6:00-6:20 (class full)

  • Tuesday 5:10-5:50 + "extra" class Thursday 6:00-6:20 (class full)


  • Wednesday 4:25-5:05 + "extra" class Thursday 6:00-6:20 (class full)

  • Wednesday 5:10-5:50 + "extra" class Thursday 6:00-6:20 (class full)

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Hello! My name is Jenni Kurosman, and I love teaching piano! I've taught piano for over 10 years and received my Masters in Music Education from Teachers College-Columbia University. I am thrilled to bring Piano Storytellers to Bay Ridge! 


Like many of my Piano Storytellers students, I began learning the piano when I was in Kindergarten. However, unlike my students, my training was focused on competing and high-stakes performing. In this respect, I was "successful," winning competitions at the state, regional, and international levels and performing as a soloist with the Honolulu Symphony Orchestra at the age of eight and with the Ft. Meyers Symphony Orchestra at the age of fourteen.  

Boy was I burned out by the end of high school! But I loved music - and good stories - so I pursued a Bachelors in Film Scoring, which I received from Berklee College of Music. 

Drawing only from the best of my musical experiences and training, I created Piano Storytellers so kids can learn not just to play, but to foster the joy in music making. It is exactly the way I wish I had been introduced to the piano!


Q: Can I register my child if s/he has never taken piano lessons before?

A:  Absolutely! The Piano Storytellers program was created for children who have never taken piano lessons before. 

Q: Are Zoom classes effective? 

A:  You'll be surprised just how effective they are. I was! There are actually many advantages my students have learning via Zoom compared to in-person classes. For example - students can follow along to my hand position, fingerings, notes, etc much more easily since they have a clear, close-up view of my hands and fingers on their screen. Also, there is less distraction from other students since I have the ability to mute and unmute students as needed. And a biggie - my classes are just as interactive as they were before, with individualized attention and feedback from myself, students answering questions and demonstrating skills for one another, joking, laughing, and applauding each other. Classes are welcoming, with a perfect balance of warmth, smiles, silliness, and seriousness, so students feel at-ease, determined, and supported. And of course, there are other benefits like unlimited make ups, the ability to take classes while sick, and no worries about inclement weather. Zoom classes are working out fantastically!

Q: Why should my child take group lessons instead of private lessons?

A:  So many reasons! Group lessons are an excellent entry point for young children to build foundational skills prior to private instruction because they are: 1) simply more FUN than private lessons! Students learn through various games which are way more fun to play as a group as opposed to one-on-one with a teacher; 2) INSPIRING. Group lessons motivate children to focus and do their best as they work toward a common goal together as an ensemble - a team - during group play; 3) more AFFORDABLE than private lessons; 4) a SOCIAL and COMMUNITY-BUILDING experience.

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